40 Customers Worldwide
Recycly is growing ... carefullyWith customers in the UK, US, Africa, Europe, and Australia

Tempting as it is to immediately take on every customer confirming their adoption of Recycly, we've been pacing ourselves since starting this journey - taking on no more than 2-3 new customers a month.   Recycly is made up of many very complex systems which we strive to present to users in the most simple ways, so our "careful" approach enables us to keep focussing on our existing customers' valuable feedback on their real-life challenges.

What does that mean to you?

Until around the end of 2024 we plan to continue taking on only 2-3 customers per month, so if you're one of the lucky ones: you'll notice how much attention we pay to everything you tell us - from our first talks until long after you have Recycly running.