Answers to commonly asked questions

What is Recycly?

  • Recycly is cloud-based business software built for IT Asset Disposal businesses to manage their end-to-end processes:

    • Easy-to-use Website Builder which captures leads directly into the CRM.

    • Management of Inbound Orders and Item Processing, including deep integrations with Blancco, Aiken Wipedrive, YouWipe etc. to link reports to asset items and break down the audited data into usable and reportable fields (e.g. for FMV calculations).

    • Management of Outbound Orders directly or via the built-in eCommerce platform.

  • See more features here

Can / should we replace our website(s) with Recycly?

  • ITAD businesses often have multiple websites, typically for Inbound (booking collections, customer portal etc.) and Outbound (eCommerce).

  • So ... can you replace one or more of your websites with Recycly? YES - Recycly supports multiple websites!

  • Should you? That's up to you.

  • We used the Recycly builder for this website by the way.

    So, you have a number options, ALL included in your setup fee:

  1. Replace one or more of websites with Recycly entirely - we'll send you instructions on how to redirect your current website address(es) (e.g. www.ourwebsite.com).  This way you can benefit from Recycly websites, the integrated booking > leads features, a portal for your customers, and full eCommerce.

  2. Create one or more subdomains at your current websites (e.g. shop.ourwebsite.com, portal.ourwebsite.com) and point those to the corresponding areas of Recycly.

  3. Link the corresponding areas of your website (e.g. the Shop menu and a new Portal menu) to the equivalent areas of Recycly (e.g. ourbusiness.recycly.com/shop,  ourbusiness.recycly.com/portal).

Do we need a separate CRM?

  • No, you don't, as Recycly has full CRM functionality, taking Leads from your Website straight into its own CRM, allowing mass imports of lead data, customisable sales stages, sales forecasting (based on probability, estimated value and expected close date), emails and email logging and email templates, activity scheduling etc.

Do we need separate email marketing?

  • No, Recycly allows you to create dynamic or static mailing lists, setup marketing campaigns with scheduled emails built from building blocks similar to the website builder, and monitor response rates: bounce back, open etc.

Do we need a separate Knowledge Management system?

  • No, Recycly includes a knowledgebase app where you can create articles, assign them to custom categories and sub-categories, add custom tags - and more.

Do we need a separate Reporting system?

  • Recycly makes it easy to create custom reports and dashboards using data from almost every part of the system.  Need a graph showing successful inbound orders by salesperson by month?  How about a more advanced Pivot Chart showing the total value of Quotations by Asset Type by month?  Recycly supports all that and much more with a few clicks.

Is there an app, and/or can we use it on mobile devices and tablets?

  • Recycly has been designed to be fully "responsive", meaning that it adjusts in layout to match the screen that you're using it with.
    We may develop one or more linked apps in future (e.g. for warehouse scanning), but for the time being you can access almost all features on your mobile device or tablet simply by going to the URL (website address) of your Recycly system and logging in as you would on a desktop PC or laptop.

Can we import our existing data?

  • Recycly allows you to import from CSV and Excel files, mapping the fields of your source data directly into corresponding Recycly fields.  You can do this for Companies and Contacts, Products, Leads, Collections, Quotations and Orders, Inventory, Purchase Orders, and System users.

  • Data imports can be very complicated, as each system you'll use now holds different information from other systems, often named differently, and almost always linked together in different ways.  You can see costs here for the Recycly team helping you with Data Imports.

Does Recycly include Finance functions?

  • Rather than try to recreate any of the main finance systems, we allow you to integrate with whatever you already use.  Recycly works with Xero, Sage 50 and Quickbooks to synchronise relevant information about your customers, push out invoices, and pull back invoice payment statuses and balances.

Why doesn't Recycly have versions?

  • We follow continuous improvement and continuous deployment methodologies, meaning that you get the newest features as soon as they've been rigorously tested, rather than waiting for months (or even years...)

Wasn't Recycly's initial setup fee set at £10,000?

  • Yes, and we reduced that to £3,000 in early 2023 to reflect having automated much of the deployment process.

  • Oh, and yes: we credited existing customers the £7,000 difference via a reduction in their monthly fees until balanced ;)

When is the up-front fee due?

  • We usually invoice 50% when you sign up, and fix the month of delivery upon payment.

  • We require payment in full prior to setting up your system for you to access.

  • Note that we may be able to offer you a payment plan if required.

Can we get a discount if we have a lot of users?

  • Absolutely!  We have a volume license discount calculator for all applicable currencies, potentially saving well over 50% on monthly costs for larger organisations!

Is there a minimum or maximum number of users?

  • The minimum subscription is for 3 users, and there is no maximum.

When do you start billing us monthly?

  • Monthly billing starts either (i) on or around the 1st day of the month following your access to Recycly, or (ii) upon purchase of Recycly, or (iii) after a trial period ends.

Can we see the system before we commit?

  • Of course - we'd love to show you around!  Just click the Arrange a demo button at the top of this website.

Can we try the system ourselves before we commit?

  • We're not yet quite ready with self-service trials, but (hopefully before the end of 2024) we plan to make 30-day trials available, and have already created most of the tech for this.  Here's a few details:

    • If you sign up within this time you'll not be charged until the end of your trial period and then either be able to start from scratch or continue with your trial data.

    • If you don't sign up within 30 days, we'll keep your data for up to 90 days (unless you tell us otherwise) so you can sign up to Recycly within that time and either (i) choose to retain your reserved URL and any data you've entered, or (ii) change your URL and/or start with a fresh system.

Where can we see all the features?

  • Recycly does far more than we could write out and is always evolving with new features, integrations and usability enhancements - but you can see a summary of the major benefits here.

What should we expect when we sign up?

  • Training and guidance:  See more details here on what's included in your setup fee, and the cost of additional services (inc. further training, data imports, advanced configuration guidance etc.).

  • Access to Recycly's built-in onboarding wizard.

What technology and licensing is involved in Recycly?

  • Recycly is built upon Odoo Community edition under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL), and does not involve any modification of its original source code.  See our Terms & Conditions for more information  

What is or was the relationship between Recycly and Junari

  • See our blog, here!

What is the future of Recycly?

  • We're constantly developing Recycly based on user feedback and market research - check out our Product Roadmap.