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With decades of experience, our team of project managers, product designers, and software developers have created the most fully-featured management platform for your ITAD equipment recycling business available today - and it gets even better every month.

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IT equipment recycling / IT Asset Disposal / ITAD is becoming increasingly important.

With many of our planet's raw minerals rapidly depleting, pollution of both manufacturing and disposal processes and the immense waste that creates - in time, cost and materials - the spotlight on recycling has never been stronger.

With climate change in the public eye more than ever, it's not surprising that ITAD is a growing industry, with wins along the entire chain: commercially viable to businesses offering the service, ideal for businesses wanting to recycle (rather than dispose of) equipment - and for businesses seeking to purchase reconditioned,  as opposed to brand new, equipment.

Our purpose-built IT equipment remarketing and recycling business management system has been designed to enable IT Asset Disposal businesses to provide the best services to their customers (both inbound and outbound), providing traceability, ethical destruction and making cost-effective equipment readily available to outbound customers.

Having spoken extensively with ITAD businesses and by analysing similar systems, we determined that there wasn't anything out three that does quite what's needed in this complex and growing market.  With similar business software systems already developed, coupled with many decades of combined experience developing bespoke ERP and CRM systems, it made sense for us to continue to invest in the system and serve it to as many ITAD businesses as possible across the world.

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Management Team

Dom Tyler


Having worked in software since 1999, Dom started building Recycly in 2021 under his ERP business, Junari, and founded Recycly Ltd. in 2023.

Former director of a well-established software company in Suffolk from 2006, of which Dom became MD in 2012.  In 2015, elected as chair of Mid and North Essex Mind mental health charity, retiring from the role in 2018 to focus on the takeover of Junari and his second child.

Outside of work, he's usually busy with his kids, an active lifestyle, lots of audiobooks, and will always have more grey hairs than the most recent photo on our website...

Russell Briggs

Technical Director

Russ joined Dom's other business, Junari, in 2008 ... before Dom had even heard of it.

In 2016 he went on an extended sabbatical to New Zealand, where he worked as a Senior Developer at Xero and Land Information New Zealand. He returned to Junari in early 2020 as CTO, has been the lead developer of Recycly since it's conception, and moved to Recycly full time in 2023.

Russ manages our team of Software Developers and Testers, and is responsible for our technical direction and infrastructure.

Outside of work, Russ is a paraglider pilot, and talented guitarist and drummer who frequently performs live in multiple groups.

Kevin Burns

Channel Manager

Kevin started working with Recycly in 2023 to help build our Partner (reseller) programme, with focus on recruiting, onboarding and supporting partners.

Kevin's leadership qualities and dedication to customer service have made a significant impact on Recycly.  His ability to motivate colleagues, resolve customer issues, and drive consistent growth has earned him high praise and recommendations from colleagues and customers.

Kevin lives in Bedfordshire with his wife and two sons.

Abdou Belhadj

Senior Developer

Abdou Belhadj, who began his role as a Senior Developer at Junari in 2023, has quickly proven himself indispensable in the development of Recycly. He possesses a robust background in computer science, with a particular talent for swift adaptation to new programming environments and challenges. Abdou's contributions to the Recycly project are marked by his innovative problem-solving and efficient coding practices, enhancing both the performance and scalability of the platform

Abdou lives in Tunisia and is passionate about his personal dreams and aspirations, enjoys listening to music and surfing, and any activities that bring him joy and relaxation!