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With decades of experience, our team of developers have created the most fully-featured management platform for your ITAD equipment recycling business available today - and it's getting even better.

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IT equipment recycling (or IT asset disposal - ITAD) is becoming increasingly important. With many of our planet's raw minerals rapidly depleting, pollution of both manufacturing and disposal processes and the immense waste that creates - in time, cost and materials - the spotlight on recycling has never been stronger.

With climate change in the public eye more than ever, it's not surprising that ITAD is a growing industry, with wins along the entire chain: commercially viable to businesses offering the service, ideal for businesses wanting to recycle (rather than dispose of) equipment - and for businesses seeking to purchase reconditioned,  as opposed to brand new, equipment.

Our purpose-built equipment recycling business management system has been designed to enable IT equipment recycling businesses to provide the best services to their customers (both acquisition and resale), providing traceability, ethical destruction and making cost-effective equipment available via means not previously possible.

Having spoken extensively with equipment recycling companies, and analysing other systems, we couldn't find anything that does quite what's needed in this complex and growing market. With systems already in place for recycling organisations in the UK, coupled with many decades of combined experience developing bespoke ERP and CRM systems, it made sense for us to continue to invest in the system and serve it to as many ITAD businesses as possible across the world.

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