Product Roadmap

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Driven by Feedback and Market Research

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<< Past   

2020 Q3 - 2022 Q4
(30 months)

  • (Completed) Initial user journies / user stories / workflows, wireframes

  • (Completed) Core system: Users, Address Book, Settings, Apps, Menus, Search / Filtering, Groups, Favourites, Import, Export

  • (Completed) Finalised end-to-end ITAD process mapping, implemented initial support for all core processes

  • (Completed) Sales Opportunity (CRM) enhancements

  • (Completed) Quotations > Sales Orders > Invoicing

  • (Completed) Inbound Orders: Collections / Customer Drop-offs

  • (Completed) Xero Integration

  • (Completed) Sage 50 Integration

  • (Completed) Inventory Enhancements, Barcoding

  • (Completed) Marketing Campaign Management

  • (Completed) Fleet Management

  • (Completed) RFQs, Purchase Orders, Stock Receipts, Links to Inventory

  • (Completed) Inventory Dashboards

  • (Completed) Online: Website Builder, e-commerce, blogs

  • (Completed) HR: Employee Management, Time Off (Leave), Recruitment, Online Recruitment

  • (Completed) Advanced Shared Dashboards and Personal Dashboards

  • (Completed) Timesheets

  • (Completed) Surveys

  • (Completed) Project and Task Management

  • (Completed) Customer Portal

2022 Q4
(3 months)

  • (Completed) Quickbooks Integration

  • (Completed) 100s of minor usability enhancements based on customer feedback

  • (Completed) Knowledgebase system

  • (Completed) Customer Portal to include Collection visibility

2023 Q1
(3 months)

  • (Completed) Significant upgrade to core platform!

    • Originally planned for summer 2023, we've now decided to upgrade the core from Odoo 14 Community to Odoo 16 Community - providing SIGNIFICANT advantages in speed, usability, aesthetics, and functionality

  • (Co mpleted) M ore usability and process tweaks in prep for the next phase

  • (Completed) Enhancements to Customer Portal layout and functionality

  • (Completed) Dynamic Asset Item Types, from website lead > Sales opportunity > Quotation and Inbound Order

  • (Com pleted) Know ledgebase enhancements, including Categories and Tags

2023 Q2-Q4

(9 months)

  • (Completed) Integration with Aiken Workbench

  • (Completed) Initial Integration with Blancco

  • (Completed) Custom Contract templates, revenue shares

  • (Completed) Further simplified inventory workflow, including advanced Lot operations (Merge, Split etc.) and Packaging

  • (Completed) Clearer separation / combining of how Recycly presents functionality for Inbound Orders vs Outbound Orders

  • (Completed) Improved E-commerce

  • (In Progress) Detailed traceability from items' acquisition through to resale

  • (In Progress) Customer access to Inventory Report and other relevant documents via Recycly portal

  • (Completed) Enhanced integration of Fleet Management with Inbound and Outbound Orders.

  • (In Progress) Product details lookup, i.e. ability to retrieve images / specs from SKU (Stock-Keeping Unit) and/or Universal Product Code (UPC)

  • (Completed) Simplification of Calendar and Activity scheduling

  • (Completed) 100s of usability enhancements from customer feedback

  • (Completed) More advanced customisation options for item test results area ("snapshots"), including streamlined handling of Item Grading and corresponding rules

  • (Completed) Initial designs of Setup wizard to guide initial configuration (accessible at any time)

  • ...and more 

< Current >

2024 Q1 - Q4

(12 months)

  • (Completed) Clearer "Processesing" workflows for Harvesting / Demanufacturing

  • (In Progress) Onboarding Wizard for new or established users to quickly set up and configure common areas of Recycly

  • (Completed) FMV / Fair Market Value advanced rules interface enhanced and simplified

  • (Completed) Enhancements to automatic quotation and purchase order generation based on configurable rule-sets

  • (Completed) General Purchasing (i.e. for packaging / storage / other non-asset item products)

  • (Completed) Simplified split of Asset Types, Other Products, Services

  • (In Progress) Enhanced scanning of multiple incoming items from a mobile device

  • (Completed) Driver / Crew / Vehicle schedule conflict checking

  • (Completed) 100s of minor enhancements to navigation and usability logged from 2023 Q3 and Q4

  • (Completed) Simplified user interface and workflows for Blancco and Aiken Workbench integrations

  • (In Progress) eSigning for items collected / dropped off

  • (In Progress) eCommerce Integrations: Shopify, Magento, Amazon, eBay

  • (To Do) Integration with YouWipe / GlobalWipe

  • (To Do) Integration with WipeDrive

  • (To Do) Map view for collections planning

  • (To Do) Map view for customers

  • (In Progress) Email editor enhancements

  • (In Progress) Further functionality on customer portal, inc. self-survey form

  • (In Progress) Ability to update of Duty of Care, Hazardous Waste and other documents from mobile device

  • (In Progress) Support for even more advanced item testing workflows

  • (In Progress) Advanced Setup wizard to guide initial configuration (accessible at any time)

  • (To Do) Simplified / global search for all modules

  • (In Progress) Option to allow specified customers to book their own collections via the portal (rather than just enquire)

  • (In Progress) Smart updating of Inbound Order value based on quotations / purchase orders

  • (In Progress) More advanced commission / profit share, and profit reporting

  • (To do) "Sales Intelligence" version 1: Matching inbound orders with outbound demand 

  • ...and more

   Future >>

2025 Q1 - Q4

(12 months)

  • Companies House lookup for new leads & customers

  • Integration with CreditSafe

  • Additional HR functions including:

    • Recruitment

    • Employee / Driver timesheets

    • Probation and Performance Reviews / Appraisals

  • Collections route planning / optimisation

  • Provision for Recycly user of customer (via portal) to divert some/all of revenue share to charity

  • Enhancements to quoting module (template text, etc.)

  • Inbound order "Snooze" functionality

  • Support for Marginal VAT

...and beyond

  • Ability for photo of a lot / pallet / pile of items to be assessed by AI for types / estimated quantities.  Show AI suggestion for user to reject, edit and accept, or accept

  • Ability for a photo of an individual item to be assessed by AI for specs / type / damage.  Show AI suggestion for user to reject, edit and accept, or accept

  • API for 3rd party developer-integration

  • Shipping calculations via ShipEngine Integration for Inbound and Outbound Orders

  • Weighbridge software integration

  • Calendar sync with Google and Office 365 (bidirectional)

  • Customer feedback alongside our own extensive research means we have an extensive list of enhancements and refinements we'll be continuously adding to