Transform your

IT Asset Disposition

business with a single platform

In the demanding world of E-Waste, IT Asset Disposition, and IT Asset Disposal, success hinges not just on efficient operations but on exceeding customer expectations.  It's about more than just managing websites, sales, inbound and outbound, inventory, and marketing – it’s about seamlessly integrating these elements to create a service that stands out

Recycly isn't just about upgrading your systems; it's about elevating your entire business to ensure growth and profitability, delivering unmatched service to your clients - without compromising your distinctive identity

Arrange a demo to see how Recycly manages your sales, collections, contracts, inventory, website, eCommerce, marketing, HR and more - with our fully integrated solution built exclusively for ITAD

With Recycly, you're not just staying ahead in the ITAD sector – you're redefining it.

Explore Recycly's features

Important note:
Recycly is designed to work with (rather than replace) hardware auditing and media erasure tools such as Blancco and Aiken

Built-in website builder

Fully-functional, easy to use website builder to replace or compliment your current websites

Create multiple websites at different website domains with a single Recycly system.  Perfect for presenting both your ITAD collection business (Inbound), and your refurbished product sales business (Outbound)

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Customer collection booking directly into your CRM

From website booking form, directly into your CRM
Customisable Booking form which can integrate with your current website or your new Recycly website, to take booking enquiries straight into your CRM

Choose which Asset Item Types (e.g. Laptops, Mobile Phones) customers can add, and allow customers to upload Photos and even an Equipment list which can be quickly imported into Inbound Orders Expected Items lists

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Exceptional Lead and Customer Management

CRM and Sales
Import or manually add leads for Inbound and Outbound orders
Convert to opportunities
Forecast sales
Quickly raise quotations and email them with a few clicks

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Advanced, Flexible Contracts

Customer contracts
Simple, but advanced and flexible Customer Contracts based on Fair Market Value (FMV), customisable Item Grading rules, Missing Accessories, and other factors

Add overrides per asset type, set up auto-add quote items based on advanced rules, set payout frequency - and more

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Report better

Maximum clarity for internal operations and customers
All formatted with your company branding

Out of the box...

Picking Operations
Delivery Slip
Duty of Care Document
Inventory Report
Data Destruction Certificate
Data Erased Certificate
Hazardous Inventory Report

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Coordinate better

Collection and Drop-offs
Manage collections and drop-offs with ease and accuracy, either via calendar view, or directly from inbound orders

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Turbocharge your operations

Advanced Warehouse and Inventory
Multi-warehouse inventory management

Dashboard for a single view of all collections and drop-offs, viewed by Warehouse or Type of Operation

Advanced views, reporting, and management of Items, Lots, and Asset Types, including customisable attributes, stock levels, lot splitting and lot merging

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Integrate with industry-standard tools

GlobalErasure, Aiken Workbench, Blancco
Recycly smart-matches asset items to reports from external software tools such as those listed, allowing you to quickly populate details of asset items down to the smallest detail - saving on costs by decreasing duplication of effort, increasing accuracy of your data, and decreasing turnaround time so you can serve your customers even better

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Sell More

Sell better with Recycly's built-in eCommerce
Advanced eCommerce that links to your outbound sales and inventory system, enabling you to remarket refurbished IT Asset Items

Customer Baskets generate Quotations in the back-end
A confirmed Sale creates an Order
Raise an invoice, or take online payments via Stripe, PayPal, Adyen, Razorpay and more

Set individual items or entire lots from your stock to be available on eCommerce in just a few clicks

Set up at an entirely different domain to mirror your separate Inbound and Outbound company setup

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Enhance your customers' visibility

Customer portal
Enhance your customers' experience by enabling them to sign-up, or allow access by invite only

Customers can view and e-Sign Quotes, comment on anything, upload attachments, see details of any collections, edit their own details, and more

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Visibility across the Business

Shared and customisable Personal Dashboards
Shared dashboards for Sales, Products, Invoicing, Purchases and more

See what matters to you
Filters, grouping and choose columns for any list to pin straight to your personal dashboard

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Everything in one place

Save money on other systems and integrations
"HR" app for staff management
"Fleet" app for vehicle and driver management
"Knowledgebase" app for policies and processes

...and much more with a variety of dedicated applications

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Simplified Finances

Raise invoices for Inbound and Outbound orders in Recycly

Synchronise Customers and Nominal Codes
Push invoices out to Xero, Quickbooks, Sage 50 and pull back payment information

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