4 Key ITAD Trends for 2022
A run-down of the hottest topics in ITAD right now

This year has already been an interesting time for the ITAD industry, with some unique trends developing. Here are four emerging trends that are at the forefront for ITAD this year.

  1. Supply chain disruptions: since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, there has understandably been disruptions in the supply chain network, which has led to a decrease in the general availability of electronic devices. While this is bad news for electronic companies, it also presents an opportunity for those working in the ITAD sector as more people are seeking parts, components and second-hand electronics. Semiconductors are now in high demand, so people are turning to ITAD providers to gather the materials needed to produce them.

  2. Rise of remote working: logging on from home is no longer temporary for a lot of people. A lot of staff have transitioned to working from home, a move that’s permanent for some. Because of this, company best practice and policies have had to be revised, especially guidelines related to security and the handling of data on and off premises. This presents a great opportunity for ITAD companies to provide additional data destruction services alongside their normal equipment recycling.

  3. Cybersecurity meshes: having a cybersecurity mesh means having a composable digital architecture that integrates disparate security services, including cloud services. By having all your data protected by one secure mesh, it reduces the risk of individual breaches and ensures equal security for all devices. It doesn’t matter whether they are located in or out of the network, threats can be detected in real time, and data can be protected. ITAD firms are increasingly finding themselves tapping into this opportunity and helping their customers with security solutions relating to the disposal of IT assets.

  4. Breach and attack simulations: ITAD providers are always looking for ways to heighten security. Breach and attack simulations (BAS) test security controls and procedures by providing simulations of cyber attacks. BAS evaluates how a company reacts to external threats, and can provide a full assessment. These simulations provide those working in the ITAD sector with an invaluable way of testing their security procedures.

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