Recycly is going solo!
Read about why and when Recycly is becoming its own Entity...!

To all existing and prospective Recycly customers, resellers, and other involved parties:

As many of our users know, Recycly has been developed to date within a parent business called Junari - an expert ERP development services company.

We're now pleased to announce, that after additional demand for Recycly, and the wish to separate ever-deviating requirements for our internal systems and processes - a few months ago we decided to incorporate Recycly into a discrete entity.  This will formally be the case from October 1st 2023, invoices thereafter will be updated to reflect our new bank details, and a reminder email will be sent about this shortly before then.

There should be no changes to your service before, during, or after this transition - you'll be able to continue using all the amazing features that Recycly offers!

We're looking forward to continuing our work with existing and new customers and continuously developing the system to make ITAD businesses more efficient, impactful, and profitable.

Dom Tyler