Recycly Release 2023 - Week 47
December 2023

We are excited to announce our final release of 2023, which includes the following features and updates:

Address Book (Companies, Contacts, Sites, Suppliers)

  • T18833: Address Book: Additional fields to capture more details

  • T15208: Address Book > Type > Show internal staff as "Staff"

  • T18280: Various usability enhancements

Contract Management

  • T20067: Inbound Order Form > New button to open Collections / Drop-offs list full screen

  • T20065: FMV Price List - List View: Add rules' counts as columns

  • T20064: FMV Price List - Form View: Usability and Layout enhancements

  • T20063: Contract Templates Listview > add "Quote Items Scheme" as an optional, hidden column

  • T19952: Remove "SMS" from Calendar Events until usability enhancements have been added (planned for late late 2024)

Document Templates, Documents, Document Storage

  • T20052: Documents Form layout improvements

  • T20019: Document Templates / Documents: Usability enhancements

Documentation, User Guides

  • T19984: Shared user help text to show above Listviews and as menu tooltips

Inbound Orders, Acquisitions, Collections, Drop-offs, Deliveries, Dispatch, Shipping

  • T19622: Enhancements to General Purchasing (e.g. buying pallets) and attributing the cost to inbound orders

  • T20057: Enhancements to Contract Templates > Customer Payouts section

  • T20056: Usability enhancements to Inbound Orders > Standard Quote Items Form View / Listview

  • T20021: Inbound Orders: Enable Additional View Types (Pivot / Graph)

  • T19705: Exporting Lots: Including Photo + Video URLs in the export file

  • T17988: Inbound Order Collection > "Vehicles & Personnel" tab enhancements to check for conflicts

Inventory / Stock Management / Asset Types / Products / Item Types / Barcoding / Scanning

  • T20005: Increase the limit of records that can be shown at once on an Inbound Order

  • T19218: Simplify various areas of Logistics & Inventory (inc. corresponding Config areas)

  • T15690: Enhancements to Item Processing (Recycle, Resale, Harvest, Scrap inc. corresponding stock moves): Part 1

  • T19722: Create Transport screen to show Driver and Vehicle schedule summary (once selected)

Knowledge Base / Wikis

  • T20009: Knowledgebase User Interface Enhancements

Customer Portal

  • T20061: Portal > Book a Collection form > Estimated Quantites > Sort by Asset Type

Sales Opportunities (CRM), Leads, Forecasting, Quotes and Orders

  • T18967: Inbound + Outbound Sales Order and Quote reference prefixes

  • T19963: Standard Quote Item Schemes: Smart Buttons

Website, Themes, CMS (excluding eCommerce and Portal)

  • T20043: Make website "Book Collection" form span page in responsive mode

  • T19127: Collection website form: "Why can I add the same type of item more than once?"


The above enhancements are now available for all customers to use. If you have any queries do not hesitate to contact us!

- The Recycly Dev Team