Recycly Release 2024.1
January 2024

We are excited to announce our first release of 2024, which includes the following features and updates:

Address Book (Companies, Contacts, Sites, Suppliers)

  • T20080: Company Details > Rename "Turnover" to "Annual Turnover "

Calendar and Activities

  • T20134: Improve example text for Calendar Event Subject

  • T20089: Activities from Kanban now opens calendar to relevant week instead of current week!

Contract Management

  • T20091: Inbound Orders > Contract Templates > Improve screen layout for usability

  • T20075: Add ability to duplicate an existing contract

  • T20066: FMV Price List - Form View > Advanced Rules Form View enhancements

General System, Aesthetics, Usability

  • T20132: Move Outbound menu item into a more logical position based on customer feedback

  • T20119: Main menu on mobile view: Wrap apps' text to prevent overlaps

  • T20113: Listviews > Favourites > Rename for clarity: "Saved Searches & Dashboards"

  • T20111: Main menu (apps tiles): Make searching by typing easier

  • T18663: Product details form: Changes to make it clear and unambiguous

Inbound Orders, Acquisitions, Collections, Drop-offs, Deliveries, Dispatch, Shipping

  • T20099: Inbound Orders: Listview > Default filters

  • T20098: Rename Item Processing Action of "Parts Harvest" to "Recovery (Parts Harvest)"

  • T20097: Allow completed / cancelled inbound orders to be hidden

  • T20094: Collection > Scan Incoming Individual Items > Switch Serial and Asset columns on Items to Scan listview

  • T20088: Inbound > Scan Incoming Individual Items > Stop the item scan counts wrapping text

  • T20087: Collection > Scan Incoming Individual Items > Make it even clearer whether scanning Serial or Asset

  • T20086: Inbound > "Enter a list of individual items" wording to clarify can also import

  • T20058: Contract Templates > "Restrict to customers" selection doesn't restrict

  • T18975: Inbound Order listview and cards in Kanban view

Inventory / Stock Management / Asset Types / Products / Item Types / Barcoding / Scanning

  • T20095: Inbound > Config > Warehouses > New > Leave Warehouse name blank and no default Short Name

  • T20083: Warehouse Name: Make wider, and make Short name ... shorter!

Knowledge Base / Wikis

  • T20122: Knowledgebase app refinements

  • T20104: New Knowledgebase articles should inherit category if selected in left-hand sidebar

User Management, User Permissions, User Access, User Activity Logging

  • T20114: When creating a new user, automatically send an invite via email


The above enhancements are now available for all customers to use. If you have any queries do not hesitate to contact us!

- The Recycly Dev Team