Recycly Release 2024.3
February 2024

We are excited to announce our new Feature Update release, 2024.3, which includes the following updates:

T20139: Improvements to handling of Weights for Items and Lots

  • Weights can now be entered when scanning Items & Lots

  • Many improvements to the display and configuration of Units of Measure

  • Introduced a new "Asset Tracking Method" field on Asset Types to toggle between Per Unit and Per Lot tracking.

  • Show Unit of Measure for each asset type on all Leads and Inbound Order screens.

  • Added UOM to Move + Split Lot wizards.

T20092: Allow entry of all Item/Lot attributes when adding or importing Expected Items

  • When adding Expected Items to Inbound Orders, allow entry of any Item/Lot attribute data

  • Migrated all existing Inbound Items data

  • Added new attributes for "Item Description" and "Item Condition".

  • Expected Items Scan wizard upgraded to work directly with Items

T18568: Enhanced support for Demanufacture and Recovery (Parts Harvesting)

  • Introduced an Improved Bill of Materials entity for Recycly.

  • Linked Asset Types to BoMs. A single BoM can be shared with multiple asset types if appropropriate

  • Enhanced Parts Harvest wizard

  • New tab on Items/Lots: "Linked Items & Lots", which shows all Parent & Child lots

  • Stock Split wizard now records the parent lot against child lots

T18374: Improvements to Label Printing

  • Label templates can now be designed directly in Microsoft Word

  • We now support inserting QR Codes in label templates, using MS Word's standard MERGEBARCODE function

The above enhancements are now available for all customers to use. If you have any queries do not hesitate to contact us!

- The Recycly Dev Team