Recycly Release 2024.4
Our second release of February 2024

We are excited to announce our second February feature update release - 2024.4, which includes the following updates:

General Improvements

  • Fair Market Value Price List Enhancements: Improved form view and rules editing (this feature is still in beta)

  • User Interface Improvements: Resolved scrolling issues in main menu for some mobile devices.

  • Updated the Recycly settings screen to display full version details and release date

Inventory and Asset Management

  • Reference/ID Renaming: Clarified naming of Job ID and Item ID columns

  • Blancco Integration: Now full working with Blancco Cloud

  • UoM and Asset Tracking Enhancements. Usability improvements and ensured UoM visibility on all stock items and lots.

Territories Management

  • Territories Management: Introduced territories entity, added territory field to various modules like Address Book, Leads, Opportunities, and Purchase Orders, improving regional management.

Contract Services

  • Contract and Service Management: Developed the initial Contact Service entity, improved contract template screen, and integrated contract services with contract templates.

Parts Harvesting and Manufacturing

  • Bill of Materials and Parts Harvesting: Enhanced Bill of Materials entity and parts harvest wizard, improving manufacturing and parts management processes.

  • Item Demanufacturing and Lot Management: Enhanced the process of demanufacturing items and managing lot parent-child relationships.

Sales and CRM

  • Leads Management: Made company or contact name mandatory in leads based on certain conditions, and improved the handling of leads' probability and expected values.

Label Printing

  • Barcode labels can now be designed using Microsoft Word, allowing for them to be completely customised

Email and Communication

  • Mail Server Configuration: Improved Gmail and Microsoft 365 integration

The above enhancements are now available for all customers to use. If you have any queries do not hesitate to contact us!

- The Recycly Dev Team