Recycly Release 2024.5
Our third release of February 2024

We are excited to announce our third February feature update release - 2024.5, which includes the following updates:

Feature Usability Updates

  • Made it easier to set a user's "Home Action" (reduced the number of options!)

  • Made it possible to duplicate territories

Integration and Compatibility

  • We now use RabbitMQ for our Aiken integration, which removed the need for customers to open ports on their firewall.

Inventory Management

  • Introduced sidebar filters for Items & Lots in the Stock List View.

  • Default Snapshot reference number prefix changed to "SNA" to avoid clashes with inbound orders.

System Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed an issue that was preventing users editing Address fields on subsidiary company records

Sales & Purchase Order Documents

  • Updated default Quotation, Sales Order and Purchase Order document templates

  • Improved document template version history, so it is easy to revert to previous versions of document templates.

Contract Management

  • Prevented the addition of duplicate services to Contracts or Contracts Templates.

  • Added a tooltip to the contract service options column for better user understanding.

  • Fixed an issue with selecting contracts based on expiry dates.

User Portal and Communication

  • Resolved an error encountered when inviting users to the portal.

  • Tidied up the “mail is sent” field on user profiles for clearer communication status.

Label and Reporting

  • Added support for Code 39 barcodes to word label templates, enhancing barcode management.

  • Enabled customisation of attributes available on Spec Labels for more tailored reporting.

  • Added a Spec Label Template field to Assets and dynamic rendering of spec labels.

  • Introduced support for 1 or 2 column spec labels, offering flexible layout options.

The above enhancements are now available for all customers to use. If you have any queries do not hesitate to contact us!

- The Recycly Dev Team