Recycly Release 2024.6
Major Feature Update - April 2024

We've been busy here at Recycly HQ, and are excited to announce a major feature update with Recycly release 2024.6 - read on for more!

Component and Attribute Management

  • Significant enhancements to full traceability and tracking features, for CPUs, RAM and Data Storage devices

  • Ease-of-use and aesthetic refinements to CPU, RAM and Data Storage Device data capture

  • Components now have full Snapshot Tracking of changes to their details

  • Support for Dynamic, Computed attributes for asset items, e.g. total RAM, total storage in GB

  • Improved and categorised Attributes view for items

  • Further advanced options for CPU, RAM and Data Storage removal in Parts Harvest / Demanufacture wizard

Xero Integration Improvements

  • Xero integration set up enhancements and improvements to initial sync of account codes and contacts

  • More flexibility to allow Recycly's chart of accounts to link to Xero's, by enabling them to be not fixed by nominal code

User Interface and Functionality Enhancements

  • Mass edit for County and Country in Address Book

  • More Grouping options in Address Book list

  • Significant performance improvements to Accept and Sign functionality, making it around 5x quicker 

Reporting and Inventory Management

  • Streamlined duplication functionality for Contract Services and Contract Templates

  • Enhanced configuration and presentation of company Registrations & Accreditations

  • Enhanced reports (esp. inventory report) to correspond with above changes to Data Storage handling

  • For PDF reports, improved the browser tab title and filename (for when saving), to include the full record reference and name

The above enhancements are now available for all customers to use. If you have any queries do not hesitate to contact us!

- The Recycly Dev Team