Recycly Release 2024.8
28th May 2024

We're excited to announce our 8th release of the year: Recycly 2024.8!

This release was focussed on extending the capabilities of our Blancco Integration, and enhancing Recycly's Inbound process.

Items & Lots

  •  Made it easier to create new Items & Lots via buttons on the Asset Items list.


  • Collections: Collection form's Items summary list view now has a Qty expected column that is visible by default but can be optionally hidden.

  • Description field is no longer required when scanning Lots.

Asset Types & Services

  • Config > Manufacturers - ability to merge entries.

  • Improved layout of the Asset Type setup form.

Blancco Integration

  • Enhanced support for on-premise Blancco installations.

  • Added Aliases for Recycly manufacturers to help avoid duplicate records.

  • Copy Erasure algorithm from Blancco into Recycly data storage device information.

  • Enabled Blancco reports to be opened directly from Asset Items, using the appropriate header of the attributes list.

  • Enhanced processing of Disk-only reports.

  • Enhanced support for Blancco Mobile erasure reports.

  • Enhanced usability of Blancco reports view with tooltips and information banner.

Snapshots and Attributes

  • Added Battery Capacity (%) computed field.


  • Showed the quantity of labels to be printed on the Print ID Labels wizard.

  • Allowed new ID labels to be printed from both the Inbound Order and the Collection/Drop-off.


  • The usual various enhancements to clarity, workflows, usability etc.

The above changes are now available for all customers to use. If you have any queries do not hesitate to contact us, and simply click here to arrange a demonstration.

- The Recycly Dev Team