Recycly Release 2024.9
27th June 2024

We're excited to announce our 9th release of the year: Recycly 2024.9

This release includes many enhancements to the Inbound Order Process, Workflow, Reporting, Customer Portal, and more.

As always - thanks to those who share feedback, that drives more than half of our development!

Customer Portal

  • Made refinements to the assets list, inc.
    • Asset lists now exportable to a formatted Excel file.
    • Added count of data components to asset list.
  • Improved the ordering of portal cards and added a card for Jobs.

Invoices and Orders

  • Clearer link between Invoices with Inbound Orders.
  • Improved the Items Summary text to include UOM and exclude quantity when qty is unknown.
  • Set Next Action from asset type configuration when scanning new items and lots.
  • Streamlined Recycly's Next Action functionality.
  • Made Items Summary text clearer.

Reports and Certificates

  • Converted the following outputted documents to DOCX format so admins can edit any aspect of it.
    • Inventory Document.
    • Data Destruction Certificate.
    • Data Erasure Certificate.
  • Tweaks to Hazardous Waste Consignment Note. 

Actions and Workflows

  • Carried through Intended Final Action into Scan wizard and into created items and lots.
  • Automatically set Final Action and Next Action on new lots when creating manually, based on selected asset type and inbound order/contract.
  • Added top-level "Default Processing Action" to contract templates and contracts, still overrideable.
  • Updated inbound orders to copy final processing action into expected items when a contract is selected and when new items are added manually.
  • Allowed setting default Initial Action per asset type.
  • Allowed setting default Final Action(s) per asset type on contracts.
  • Added new standard action types for Inspection/Audit and Repair/Upgrade.
  • Added new standard actions for Audit, Repair, and Upgrade.
  • Replaced manual "Assessment Complete" checkbox with enhanced workflow actions.
  • Updated the Complete Next Action wizard to automatically mark an item as Audited when an Audit action is completed on it.
  • Modified "Mark Next Action as Complete" wizard to work for multiple lots simultaneously if they have the same asset type, intended final action, and next action.
  • Added a link from asset items to trigger immediate download of the latest Blancco (or other) audit reports.
  • Automatically set an item's Audit date when a Blancco report is linked to it and post a message in the item's history.

Inventory and Stock Management

  • Made asset type readonly once item/lot is received into stock.
  • Added a computed "Weight" field to items/lots, using either the actual entered "Weight" attribute or the Quantity if the asset uses standard weight.
  • Updated the Split Lot wizard to automatically divide the weight attribute by the quantity.
  • Allowed entry of Weight when scanning items via the Scan wizard.
  • Set the new computed weight field to Stored to get the total weight of assets in the assets list.
  • Removed "Asset Tracking Method" field and used standard Unit of Measure field.
  • Made it possible to receive new items/lots directly into stock when created.
  • Allowed Inbound Order and Collection to be set on item creation.
  • Added a wizard for receiving existing "Expected" items into stock.
  • Added stock status to Stock Move wizard.
  • Fixed bug when moving both Received and Not Received items.
  • Displayed Stock Status (expected or received) on items list next to location.
  • Improved naming and help text of stock move statuses. Hid uncommon statuses from the stock move form.
  • Updated data status banners to show only for Confirmed items. Updated "item not received" banner with a note about the new "Receive into Warehouse" button.
  • Made item/lot ID read-only after creation
  • Removed old "Locations" button from Lot screen.
  • Displayed customer and status when selecting inbound orders.


  • Allowed searching for inbound orders by customer name.
  • Allowed duplication of Quote Item Schemes.
  • Added a new banner to asset items to allow Blancco report details to be added to an item immediately via an "Update Item Attributes" button.
  • Added "Is Final" property to item processing actions so Recycly can automatically detect when an item has been processed.
  • Renamed "Processing Action" field to "Intended Final Action".
  • Added basic "Next Action" fields and appropriate filters for basic workflow management.
  • Relabelled "Update Lot Attributes" button to enhance usability.
  • Added Standard Weight field to Asset Types configuration.
  • Improved tracking value display in the record log (removed weird blue colour).
  • Override tracking values display to show field label first.
  • Removed the "priority" star on the asset types screen.

The above changes are now available for all customers to use. If you have any queries do not hesitate to contact us, and simply click here to arrange a demonstration.

- The Recycly Dev Team